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6th Grade students must have TDAP in order to begin 7th grade. Proof must be provided to Records Office at Cope Middle School.
The Redlands High School Counselors want to encourage all our future parents and guardians to attend our annual 8th into 9th Grade Parent Night on Monday, April 10 at 6:00 p.m. in Clock Auditorium on the RHS campus. Topics to be covered included graduation requirements, registration forms, honors programs, summer school, student activities, and academic policies.á The High School asks that you download and print the registration documents.
English 6 Honors
Instructor: Mr. Gray   
♦English 6 is a comprehensive class which develops the students reading ability, writing ability, as well as speaking and listening. Students need to pay close attention in order to comprehend all of the topics discussed. When reading as whole class, students need to be focused and reading silently in their head. When they are called upon to read aloud, they need to use a loud speaking voice and enunciate properly. They need to follow directions and use neat writing.á
♦With Common Core, students are being asked to explain their answers in great detail and provide supporting evidence to back up their answer.
♦Nightly HW: students are required to read at least 20 minutes each weekday (Mon-Fri).
No "Homework" exist(s)

Previous Homework

R.O.A.R. Log
Due September 22, 2015
Vocab Wheel week 7
Due September 23, 2015
Week 9 Homework
Due October 5, 2015
Perf Task C4 "Present a Speech"
Due November 16, 2015
Performance Task C3
Due February 10, 2016
"Best Friend" essay
Due February 29, 2016
C6 Perf Task B
Due May 27, 2016
9/11 Tribute
Due September 16, 2016
Book Report 1
Due September 29, 2016
Book Report (Nov-Dec)
Due December 9, 2016
Performance Task C3A p.201-204
Due February 13, 2017
Vocab Week 28
Due March 28, 2017
Create a Myth
Due April 28, 2017
Biography Book Report
Due May 12, 2017
Vocab Wheel #36
Due May 24, 2017
English Final Exam 2nd Semester
English Final Exam 2nd Semester will be on Monday, June 5, 2017.
Be sure to complete and review the ELA Study Guide prior to the Final Exam.
Scholastic Class Code
You can order books at using my class code: LG9CX
There are great books at a super value. Please check out their website and find some wonderful reading material.
Collection 4 "Making Your Voice Heard"
Level-Up Tutorials for Collection 4: (at website)
  • Theme
  • Symbol
  • Figurative Language
  • Evidence
  • Connotations and Denotations
  • Author's Style
  • Paraphrasing
  • Character Traits
  • Elements of Poetry Tone
  • Elements of an Argument
  • Analyzing Arguments
Book Report 3
Book Report 3 Animal Fiction or Action/Survival Fiction. You are making a brochure type book report (see Book Report 3 in the "File" section below). The brochure needs to be colorful and informative. You must be extremely neat and follow the directions exactly as stated. Your book needs to be at least 250 pages.
Collection 2 "Animal Intelligence"
Level-Up Tutorials (LUT) for Collection 2:
  • Summarizing
  • Elements of an Argument
  • Analyzing Arguments
  • Evidence
  • Persuasive Techniques
  • Point of View
  • First Person POV
  • Third Person POV
  • Narrator and Speaker
  • Figurative Language
  • Imagery
  • Pronoun Antecedent Agreement
Collection 5 "Decisions that Matter"
Level-Up Tutorials for Collection 5:
*access these tutorials through website. Your username and password is your 10 digit State ID.
-Narrative Poetry
-Setting & Mood
-Author's Purpose
-Biographies and Autobiographies
Collection 6 "What Tales Tell"
Level-Up Tutorials:
  • Elements of Drama
  • Main Idea & Supporting Details
  • Reading for Details
  • Suspense & Foreshadowing
  • Tone
  • Myths, Legends, and Tales
Esperanza Rising novel work
Here is the website for all Esperanza Rising work. It is a powerpoint with activities for all the chapters.

Be sure to label all chapter headings with the page numbers too.
Parent Portal info
Parent Portal
Hopefully by now you all have a Parent Portal account established. If not, please set one up so you can monitor your student's grades. Click on the Parent Portal link under Parent Links; you will need your student's 9 digit permanent I.D. number (located on your student's schedule or on their I.D. Card) and a verification passcode. If you need the verification passcode, please call Diana Klimpel at extension 42110. You will also need an email address. Special note: when setting up the account, please make sure you use the phone number that you submitted on this school year's emergency release card. Finally, if you have set up an account but cannot remember the password, you will need to call Steve Dempsey at the district office. His phone number is 909-307-5300 ext. 20345. He can change the password for you.
Discussion Topics
Blog Entry TRICK or TREAT? Posted: Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at 2:55 PM Discuss
 Common Assessment Study Guide
Common Assessment Study Guides
 Vocabulary Terms
Vocab terms listed week by week.
 2nd Semester Final Study Guide.docx
Study Guide for 2nd Semester Final Exam
 6th Grade PT Essay Guide.docx
Outline for Performance Task B p.67
Expository Essay on a Fear
 Biography Book Report Outline.docx
Book Report Outline for Biography
 Book Report Animal_Survival Fiction Brochure.docx
Book Report (Nov-Dec) Animal Fiction or Action/Survival Fiction
 Cornell Notes Powerpoint (2).ppt
Instructions and purpose for Cornell Note-taking.
 MLAFormattingTemplate (1).doc
Follow this format for all essays. Use size 12 font for all parts of the essay.
Opinion Theme Essay for Esperanza Rising Performance Task
ROAR Log Packet/Activity
List of Transitions
 Vocabulary Wheel.pdf
You may use this template if you wish or draw them on your own. Make them big enough to grade. 4 per page max.
 Vocabulary Wheel.ppt
Instructions for the Vocabulary Wheel
Works Cited Examples

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